Swimming with us

How fit do I need to be?

Squad sessions are run across several lanes, with training programs that cater to a wide range of abilities, from the novice to the serious, competitive swimmer. At a minimum, we ask that you can swim at least 100m of continuous freestyle. If you are not quite there yet, we recommend a learn-to-swim session at your local pool.

Do I need to bring equipment, or do you provide it?

We have kick boards, pull buoys, and fins for general use. But it’s always better to have your own, especially if you stick with it.  However, you will need to bring a number of personal things with you:

  • Goggles – Chlorine in the eyes isn’t fun, and seeing where you are going is handy. If you stick with it and you wear glasses, you may wish to purchase prescription goggles online.
  • Swimmers/Togs/Cossie/Bathers – we don’t care what you call them, but you will need your own pair to each session. It’s your choice and depends what you’re comfortable with. But, one piece togs for girls and boys briefs that are designed for competitive and lap swimming will be the most comfortable.   
  • A Towel. You’re gonna get wet, and you’re going to want to get dry.
  • Dress for the season… We swim all year round and you’ll need a jumper in winter (it’s ok, the pool is heated). 
  • A can-do attitude! This isn’t strictly necessary, but it’ll make things more fun for everyone.

Pool Etiquette

There are great benefits to swimming with a squad compared to swimming alone. A little consideration for your lanemates will help you get the most from your swim sessions.

  • Circle swim:
    In Australia, we keep left… So this means we swim in a clockwise direction on the left-hand side of the lane so we don’t bonk people in the head.
  • The wall:
    You can move to the centre of the lane as you approach the wall for your turn, If there’s room. Just make sure to push off along the left-hand side of the lane (facing your new direction) so you don’t cut off the incoming swimmers.
  • Don’t stop:
    Please don’t stop in the middle of a lap, or you’ll cause a pileup. If you get a cramp and can’t finish a lap, stick to the lane rope and ask for assistance if needed.
  • The catch-up:
    If someone catches up to you, it’s best to swim to finish the lap and pull up to the left of the lane so they can pass. You’ll just cause a bit of chaos if you stop in the middle of the lap. 
  • Patience:
    Please be patient if you want to pass. Don’t swim over anyone, or try to speed past mid-lap. Instead, a gentle tap on the person’s toes in front is the sign for them to stop at the end of a lap and let you pass.
  • Don’t tailgate:
    Give a 5-10 second gap before start a lap. It’s harder to swim with someone in your wake the whole way (and annoying), so make sure you give the signal to pass if you need to. It’s the polite thing to do. 
  • On the ropes:
    No pulling on the lane ropes! They are under high tension and can cause a major injury if they snap.
  • More wall:
    Start and finish each lap at the wall. You’ll stop people behind you from finishing if you don’t.

  • Captain, My Captain:
    Your coach is giving up their time to design and run the sessions, so please do them the courtesy of paying attention.

Code of Conduct

Aqualicious is a swimming club open to friends and members of Brisbane’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ+) community. The club is affiliated with Masters Swimming Queensland and Masters Swimming Australia, which is the peak body and national sports organisation for adult swimmers aged eighteen years and above. This places the club in a unique position, as a representative of the LGBTIQ+ community in the Masters Swimming fraternity.

Masters Swimming Australia’s stated purpose is to encourage adults, regardless of age or ability, to swim regularly in order to promote fitness and improve their general health. The club supports the national body’s purpose and the motto of Fitness, Friendship and Fun, and to this end, this Code of Conduct has been developed as a guideline for behaviour for club members, whilst at home and away.

1. Respect for people

Aqualicious is committed to creating an environment in which all people are respected and diversity is embraced. To achieve this goal, club members are expected to:

  • treat people with respect, courtesy and honesty;
  • respect different values, beliefs and cultures; and
  • refrain from bullying, intimidating, harassing or discriminating against other people.

This is particularly applicable to:

  • the elected representatives of the club who volunteer their time and effort in the interest of club members;
  • the club coaches who provide their expertise and enthusiasm to assist members to achieve their swimming goals;
  • swimming officials and pool staff who are in a position of authority and offer their time and skills to ensure orderly and safe training and events; and
  • swimmers and volunteers from other clubs.

2. Integrity

The club represents the LGBTIQ+ community in the wider swimming arena. Club members are expected to behave with integrity and to comply with the by-laws, rules, regulations and policies of Masters Swimming Australia. Club members should also show due regard for all common facilities, equipment and the property of other swimmers.


Masters swimming includes a competitive element and club members are expected to display good sportsmanship and behave in an honest, polite and trustworthy manner, in particular when participating in organised swimming events. Club members should comply with the condition of entry of swim meets, including any rules or guidelines with regard to entry, clothing or advertising.


In complying with the Code of Conduct, each individual should carry themselves with dignity, take responsibility for their actions and behaviour, and make appropriate choices.

When do I have to become a member?

You can swim at our training sessions as long as you like without becoming a member by paying the group fitness rate or having a City Health Membership that covers Swim Squads.

Members can compete in Masters Swim Meets around the nation, will be covered by insurance to train temporarily at other Masters Clubs in Australia, are eligible for our club awards, and get access to the back catalogue of Aqualicious Swim Programs.

Just a heads up, Aqualicious Club Membership doesn’t impact your pool entry prices.

Ready to begin?

Join us below or give us a shout if you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help!
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