How often should I swim?

New swimmers ask “How many times should I swim each week?” all the time – it’s a great question!

The correct answer is “the right number for you!” but that’s because we’re talking too generally. Tell me why you swim and we can help you figure out your magic number.

If you’re swimming for fun and friendship then the answer is “when it works for you”. Take advantage of the social aspects of the club and look at our sessions with Dinners, Coffee, or brunches after them so you get some time to connect with your squadmates both in and out of the pool.

If you’re swimming for fitness, 2 sessions a week tends to maintain, and 3 sessions a week you’ll see some improvement.

If you’re planning to compete seriously, at some point you may find that 3 sessions a week doesn’t get you where you want to be and you’ll need to get some other swims in as well.

If you do need to swim outside of Aqualicious, use those solo swims to practice things you know you need to work on. Our coaches can help you identify those things and give you some drills to improve your stroke.

If you’re looking for ways to structure your swim, Membership with Aqualicious gets you access to our back catalog of swim sessions so you can always rock up to the pool with a plan.

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