The swimmer who hates swimming – Snake in the pool

I Am An Athlete

I do not move

I glide

Not to prove

But to prevent the inevitable slide

Two weeks back and 4 pool sessions in a row. 

I have been told that I swim like a snake. I have seen other people snake swimmers, and it is awful. Very non-steamline and darn inefficient. I do not want to be a snake.

Sunday Aqualicious Coach Ken gave me some helpful advice. This is not to say that some of his advice is not helpful, just not possible to implement. Like, David you are not actually doing breaststroke, like, Ken who cares.

Back to the snake. I implemented the advice and today received the thumbs from a guest coach who is aiming to compete in the Paris Olympics. I was tempted to get his take on my breaststroke but thought I would leave the pool a winner.

P.S. This is not all about me. Pretraining stretching is not always good for you. Stretching a muscle for more that 90 seconds temporarily diminishes its strength. You are actually weakening the muscle groups you want to use in your training.

An effective preparation for a training session is a series of active exercises that gets the blood flowing without over stressing your muscles.

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